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Our more than 20 years of industry experience has shown that a mass approach to bra measurements leave the modern woman unhappy and underserved. While many women understand the issue, they don’t know where to turn for solutions. 

Instead, we apply a modern craftsman approach to bra design and construction that considers beauty, comfort, cup size and fabrication to ensure a great fit. 

These methods have been used in some of the world’s best-selling bras.

We invite you to try lingerie from one of our collections and feel the difference a well-constructed piece of intimate apparel can have on your confidence and personal well-being.

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What We Make


Designed to give our modern woman comfort, projection and support needed to feel sexy and beautiful.


Gorgeous undergarments that shape and comfortably conform to make her look and feel her very best.


Unique, custom-designed bras, panties and accessories for a personalized lingerie wardrobe.

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Lingerie Knowledge

Learn About Fit

Learn all about how Julia B collections are designed to ensure that your pieces fit your shape and how to choose the right pieces for your body.


Inspirational and instructional videos created by Julia B to help empower women to live beautifully from the inside out.

Julia B Custom Atelier

Explore the world of custom lingerie and accessories with a three-step program based on your personalized lingerie needs.