Julia B

You dream of having gorgeous great fitting lingerie that you look and feel sexy in every day but when you go to the store, it’s a sea of sameness.

  • Do you dread shopping for bras because nothing fits you in the stores?
  • Has a bra fitter ever said to you, “Sorry we have nothing for you in your size, have you considered a breast reduction?” 
  • Do you love feeling sexy but have a really hard time finding lingerie that fits and is comfortable?
  • Do you want to feel young again and wear the gorgeous lingerie sets you wore in your twenties?
Year after year you spend thousands of dollars ordering bras and panties from companies hoping that someone has finally solved your bra-fitting problem.

We believe we have the answer.

Julia B and her team are carefully selecting beautiful, sexy, comfortable bras, panties and stylish intimates that we custom curate from global design houses finding product to fit beautifully to a woman’s gorgeous feminine curves.

We curate the best styles with fabrics, and laces from around the world, in products that are combined with soft plush elastics and sultry details. We chose styles with pops of color, sensuous skin tones and dramatic combinations.

welcome to

Curated Lingerie with Julia B

1. Personal Vision

We work during a one-on-one private consultation, seeing what best suits your style and beautiful body.




2. Select & Fit

Review new products with Julia B to select your personal style and determine the best fit.

Curated Selection

Customized Fit

Refine Style

3. Final Reveal

We create a tailored lookbook and curated selection so you can effortlessly order more bras in new colors or prints.

Personalized Lookbook

Final Fitting

Feeling Confident & Sexy

When a bra and panty fits properly to YOUR figure, they are comfortable and fun to wear!

“Veil Intimates has made remarkable strides in due part to Julia’s strategic vision and capacity to think beyond traditional means of executing design, bra fit, and manufacturing processes. Not only is her technical skillset exceptional, she is a joy to work with and her ability to lead projects forward have been integral to our progress while meeting challenging deadlines.”
Meghan Marsden, Nancy Trangmar, & Kathy Heimann

Co-Founders, Veil Intimates

“Julia B is a creative fashion designer who really values the vision and ideas of her clients.  It was her mentoring, professional knowledge and guidance that supported me to the next level and the production of my exclusive products for my new business TSUIT.

I look forward to continued collaboration creating products that value the importance of fit, sizing, and helping women feel beautiful and confident, inside out.”

Denise Cesare

Founder, TSUIT

I had the opportunity to work with Julia B. on an athletic undergarment product that I was developing to bring to market. Julia is a treat to work with! She’s an innovative and creative designer who takes the time to get it right (no matter what) and her attention to detail is impeccable. Moreover, she understands that women’s bodies are not even close to identical, and takes this into consideration during both the design and construction. From start to finish, the experience was wonderful – highly recommend!
Amy Jo Miller

Founder, Élevé Technical Innerwear